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Sunday, January 2, 2011

...the New Year should give everyone a fresh start...don't ya think...???

Decided it was time to be online and do more blogging!  It seems like there is always plenty of things to do that keep us way too busy.  This first weekend of 2011 was no different.  We took down all of the Christmas stuff and packed it away in the shop and the house, we started working on a new area in the shop with things that women will enjoy buying and men will enjoy looking at...well maybe they will buy some things too!  :0)   Then I did some work for the office and started going through some things that needed sorting out. 
Ya know, it's just tiring sometimes to keep up with all of the stuff there is to do. 

OK..so here is what I'm thinking...  I think this picture has a plan for the New Year. 
Get done what you need to, but take time out to relax and enjoy yourself.  Forget about 2010 and whatever it was that, well, didn't quite work.  Make time for things which are important to YOU.  Whatever makes you smile! 

After all, the New Year should give everyone a fresh start...don't ya think...???

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Vicki said...

I SO agree with you my dear! Guess who? Teehee..Love you...