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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Take in the good...

OK...my guess is that there are others out there like me who are sick of listening to the news broadcast and all of the things that "someone" has decided to be news worthy.

My question is this, Who decided all of that negative garbage is news...?

I really am not interested in hearing about who killed whom, or what politician or sports person is cheating on their spouse this week. Aren't there people out there doing good things to help their neighbor and being a real friend to someone?

It isn't any wonder that so many people are depressed these days and can't seem to find happiness. I would suggest that at least part of the problem might be all of the garbage that we are bombarded with through the media, news broadcasts, and even our music. Now we even have to take it with us on our phones. Oh, I better not get started on phones....that is a topic for another day. Anyway...all of that to say this...

I believe you will have a better week if you block out the junk and just "take in the good."

Have a great week!

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